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This production line is a new type of sauce filling production line developed by our company, the core filling machine adopts the servo motor control piston filling, measuring accurate, easy to adjust, the microelectronic intelligent control technology and program control is applied to the production line, make it become the new production line of electromechanical integration, can realize the jam, peanut sauce, tomato sauce, bean sauce, chili sauce, shrimp paste, roe sauce and other paste and thick with soft particles for quantitative filling, the production process of cover, capping, sealing, printing and other automation.

The whole line capacity is 2000-5000b/h (can be customized according to customer specific requirements).

Product features:

Linear type piston filling machine is my company to meet the market demand, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to develop new products, the machine adopts volumetric piston pump filling, cylinder for driving, with high precision, long service life, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali, the machine, electricity, gas integration, suitable for granular thick sauce, paste, etc. different viscosity material filling, comply with the hygiene requirements of food safety.

1, the plunger pump filling system does not adsorb the drug, good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life, filling in some corrosive liquid has a unique advantage.

2, the use of low liquid storage tank, the whole machine cleaning, disinfection convenience, can achieve CIP in situ cleaning.

3, filling mouth with closed head unique setting, to ensure that the product is no leakage.

4, suitable for all kinds of viscosity liquid filling.

5, all electrical components are Schneider, Delta, weinview, OMRON and other well-known brands.

6, frequency control, automatic display count.

Gosunm Sauce filling production line



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