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Scope of application:

It is suitable for the filling of daily chemical products, detergent products, cosmetics and other fluids.

Detergent: hand sanitizerlaundry detergent, collar cleanerdishwashing liquid, shampoo, cream shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dye, shower gel, toothpaste

Cosmetics: facial cleanser, mask paste, cleansing oil, vanishing creamessence, body lotion, sunblock, hand cream, make-up base, toner


Technical parameters:

Filling volume: 100-1000ML

Filling accuracy: ±1%

Output: dual-channel 80-100 bottles / min (varies due to the material and bottle size); single channel 60-80 bottles / min (varies due to the material and bottle size)

Overall length: about 14 meters

Maximum power: less than or equal 8KW

Operating voltage: 220/380V 50/60HZ



  1. Improve the design of filling machine with reference of similar products at abroadand add some additional function.

  2. Make the equipment more easy and convenient in operation, adjustment, cleansing and maintenance.

  3. It is designed with a compact structure, good appearance and easy for adjusting of volume.

  4. It has six filling nozzles, and is driven by six cylinders for fast and accurate filling materials.

  5. It adopts pneumatic components of FESTO from Germany and AirTac from Taiwan and electronic control components of DELTA from Taiwan, so it is stable in performance.

  6. The part in contact with the material is made from 316L stainless steel.

  7. The filling machine adopts optical eye device from South Korea, PLC, touch screen and frequency converter from Taiwan, and electrical components from France.

  8. It is easy to adjust, not filling without bottle, accurate in filling and has counting function.

  9. It is equipped with filling head which can prevent leakage and wire drawing, lifting system which can prevent high foam, positioning system which can ensure bottle positioning and liquid level control system.

  10. It is powered by gas, so customers need to provide their own air compressor.

Detergent cosmetics products filling line



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