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Wine filling line


Product description:

The product line integrates bottle rinsing, impulse control, filling, lamp inspection, plugging, heat shrink, drying and labeling, with characteristics of less investment, simple process, easy to operate, and high accuracy of filling. It is an ideal choice for small and medium enterprises, because of its stepless speed control and easy control of production cycle.


Scope of application:

The production line is mainly applied for the filling of wine.


Technical parameters:

Number of rinsing nozzle: 12

Number of filling nozzle: 16

Number of plug nozzle: 1

Production capacity: 3000B/H

Power: 1.9KW

Overall dimension: 2600*1500*2000



  1. Accurate fluid level:

The tolerance of fluid level is ±2mm, which is superior to the industry standard.

  1. High speed of filling and high work efficiency:

Adopt advanced frequency control technology; the maximum filling volume of each valve can reach 300 bottle / hour.

  1. Large adjustment range for the height of bottle:

The wine filling machine with the height within 100-380 mm is easy to adjust and the tolerance for the height of bottle automatically adapts.

  1. No limit to bottle type:

Special type of bottle can also be filled, only need to load or unload bottle with hands.

  1. No fluid loss, no leakage:

Seal closely, automatically stop filling when there is breaking bottle, leaking bottle or no bottle.

  1. Automatic protection:

A overload protection device is set at input-output bottle tumbler, which will automatically stop and alarm in abnormal running.

  1. Meet hygiene standard:

All the seals adopt import materials like Teflon and silicone rubber, which meet the food hygiene requirement for filling and can be used for hot filling.

  1. Soft start:

Use advanced frequency control device; the machine starts with no impact force and its running is from low speed to high speed, so it will not break bottle and do harm to machine.

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